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Teach and Help in Rosario
Teach and Help in Godoy Town
Food and Nutrition Project
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Volunteer Program:  Teach and help in a small town in Argentina

You do not need to speak Spanish, you will receive Spanish lessons during all the program.

You must know english. Not necessary to be english native.

You will live in a small town called Godoy (1419 habitants) in Santa Fe province. Godoy is at 60 kilometers aways from Rosario.

Your duties

- Teach English to children and adults.

- Teach or practice any sport with children. (may be volleyball, basketball or any other that you may know)

- Help to plan new activities or programs to be done in the town.

Total volunteer work per week:

15 hours (No volunteer work 2 days a week)

Spanish Lessons:

- 10 hours per week.

You accommodation:

- With a host family.

- Breakfast and dinner every day.

Total Cost

u$s250 (per week). Include orientation session, accommodation, spanish lessons, transfers Rosario- Godoy and Godoy-Rosario, and use of a bycicle during all your stay.

You can come from 2 weeks up to 3 months.

Starting Date

Every monday of the year

Available for any person older than 17 years old. 

If you have any questions or if you are interested in taking the Program, send us an email to

You need to confirm by mail at least 2 weeks in advance.